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2 years ago
P to A is fine but A back to P is Not good ladies..
Noooo 2 years ago
You went straight from anal to vaginal sex.. that girl is gonna have some issues sooner or later if yall keep doing that
PSA Y’all 2 years ago
Dont stick your dick in her ass and then immediately in her pussy. That is how she and you get a Urinary infection!! Clean it off before you go back in her pussy <3
2 years ago
Lmao she has to be faking. The guys is barely doing anything and she's moaning like its the best thing ever
2 years ago
such a nice pussy
Mr. Turtle 2 years ago
Now for the comment we've all been waiting for.

Is he Turtley enough in his turtleneck to join the Turtle club?
2 years ago
Why do guys think ass to pussy is ok?! Your gonna give her a uti or something worse!
Mike 2 years ago
She has a smoking hot body, but she's so non-responsive that it takes away from it.
18 years 2 years ago
I wanna get fucked so bad
Sera 2 years ago
I hate when girls just lay there. Rub your tits. Stroke his hair. Touch yourself. Tell him how good it feels. Something.